Message from the organisation.

Dear friends,

We are currently 2 months in lockdown. We sincerely hope that each one of you is healthy and well.
Less than a month after the start of the lockdown, we were told that major festivals during the summer season are cancelled.
Where that left us as a smaller festival wasn’t clear.

We ourselves are not very keen to pose a risk to our visitors. On the other hand, cancelling the festival would be a big financial loss for Vegamping, New Ethics and our partners.
That’s why we answered the many questions with “please be patient”. This allowed us to figure out what would be the best option for everyone.

Fortunately, this week, we received an email from the local council saying that Vegamping could not take place this July. We will sit down with our ticket partner and see how we can work through this.

Anyone who bought a ticket will be contacted shortly. Please be patient and give us some time. We are looking into an efficient and clear way to deal with this.

As an inclusive association, we will NOT exercise our right to give everyone a voucher for next year. Yes, …  you read that correctly, there will be a Vegamping 2021!

We are working on the option, for those who can and want, to move the ticket to Vegamping 2021. Those who prefer to get their money back will also have the opportunity to do so, no questions asked.

We hope to email you as soon as possible.

We cannot thank you enough for your trust and support!

Team Vegamping.