Spring naar de inhoud



It is with a heavy heart and a lot of regret that I write this message.
Unfortunately, we are forced to pull the plug on the VEGAMPING project before 29-30-31 July.
After the Covid19 vicissitudes, we have restarted ticket sales for VEGAMPING for the 3th time. Initially it went well given the situation. Somewhat hesitant, as people were looking to regain confidence that events were going to take place, but that seemed absolutely normal to me. Without investing super hard on paying promo, we sold an average of one ticket per day.
In mid-May we pushed the accelerator completely: posters, flyers, stands at vegan fairs and events, social media campaigns,
advertisements in specialized magazines, being shared by influencers,…

The urge to pop was hardly noticeable because at the same time the sale stopped completely.
I may be over-analyzing, but the reasons I heard from potential buyers were:
-Increase in Covid19 figures
-Life is becoming too expensive (gas, electricity,…)
-Uncertainty around monkeypox

The sales figures of the last weeks of May and the first week of June gave me as an organizer a massive blow…
I have a responsibility towards you as a visitor and I wanted to give you a fantastic experience.
This is unfortunately difficult to achieve with the amount of tickets we sold.
In addition, there are numerous market stands, which also require a number of visitors to cover the costs.
We just want to support those vegan companies and not put them in the red.
Of course all bills have to be paid: bands, technology, tent, stage, location, sabam,…

After consultation with friendly organizations, other organisers,…
we came to the conclusion that pulling the plug from Vegamping is the only right solution for:
-my mental well-being
-the financial side
-do as little as possible (read no) damage to partners and other companies
As you see we’re not the only ones having a hard time. If editions of Werchter no longer sell out…

I hate to share this and only do it because the other scenarios look even worse. I also can’t bring myself to let you come this far,
to have less people than hoped and then not fully have the experience you hoped for.
I can honestly say that I gave everything to make this project a success and without Covid 2 years ago we would have been launched a long time ago, unfortunately it all went a little differently.

I would also like to immediately allay your concerns and let you know that we will of course pay you back in full.
What this means for the future of New Ethics is not yet entirely clear.
We first want to deal with this completely to see where we stand, which investments we have made ourselves to cover these costs,…
To be continued, or not.

Kind regards
Davy & New Ethics .